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Do you find that your sales team is getting bogged down with consistent CRM data issues? Do you notice that your reps are spending too much time fixing small mistakes and not enough time engaging with prospects? It’s a common issue. Sales teams need quality, reliable data to engage effectively with prospects and accounts.

Insycle’s Pipedrive data management helps sales reps, managers, and operations teams be more efficient, close more sales, spend less time on mundane data management tasks, and empowers sales operations teams to take a deeper, more thorough approach to data process management.

Having clean CRM data is so critical. It impacts leads and customers throughout the customer lifecycle and plays a critical role in their overall experience. It impacts our sales teams. Data that is reliably clean allows sales teams to respond faster, more effectively, and with greater confidence. Companies that respond to leads immediately seven times more likely to have meaningful sales conversations with decision-makers than those that wait even an hour.

In addition to the broader data cleansing features, Insycle makes sales and sales operations teams on Pipedrive more efficient with by allowing them to:

  • Merge duplicate contacts & organizations to maintain a single customer view. 
  • Improve lead routing and load balance with bulk re-assignments and advanced data filtering.
  • Improve ABS effectiveness by associating free floating people with organizations. 
  • Import and enrich data without fear of creating errors and duplicate records.
  • Keep a bird’s-eye-view of your Pipedrive data health.
  • Grow sales with improved deal tracking and automation. 
  • Operationalize your data with custom templates and scheduled automation.

Like our integrations with platforms like HubSpot and Salesforce, the integration with Pipedrive is simple and comprehensive. It’s easy to install. Just click “Install Now” and you’re in, with no manual setup steps required. Insycle comes with fully pre-configured templates to help you get started cleaning your data. Beyond the pre-configured templates, Insycle offers a suite of tools with the option to create and customize templates to help improve the efficiency of your day-to-day sales operations.

Now let’s dive into some of the specific ways that sales reps, sales managers, and sales operations teams can use Insycle to fix their data issues, improve the effectiveness of their sales teams, and ultimately close more deals.

1. Merge Duplicate Contacts & Organizations To Maintain a Single Customer View

Duplicate contact and organization records are a thorn in the side of any sales team. Your reps rely on the accuracy of your records. They need to know that when they access a contact’s record in Pipedrive, that they have the full context of their interactions with your brand at large.

Duplicate Pipedrive contacts break that single customer view. Logs of conversations and engagements with your brand may end up split between multiple records, causing your sales reps to miss vital information when engaging with prospects and hurting their chances of a positive outcome.

Pipedrive does offer a duplicate identification and merging feature, but larger companies may need to extend those featured. First is how the Pipedrive system goes about identifying duplicate records.

For contacts, Pipedrive will look to see if your contacts have the same name — like Jane Smith. Then it looks to see if one of the following is also present: the same phone number, the same email address, or are part of the same organization.

For organizations, Pipedrive will look to see if your organizations have the same name — like Acme Corporation. Then they will examine those organizations to see if they have the same address, as an organization can have multiple branches, offices, or franchises.

This is great and actually provides more fields for finding duplicates than many other CRM systems offer today. For small companies, the built-in Pipedrive duplicate identification is often more than enough to keep the duplicate records under control.

However, the tool only allows you to handle one duplicate at a time, not in bulk. You also have to manually select the “master record” that will serve as the primary record that all duplicates will merge into.

Insycle’s Pipedrive deduplication features are a bit more robust and often a better fit for larger companies with a higher volume of contacts.

With Insycle you can:

  • Identify duplicate contacts, organizations, and deals using any field in your Pipedrive database (even custom fields).
  • Smart merge records by defining master record rules and ensure that you don’t lose any valuable prospect and customer data in the merging process.
  • Merge duplicate contacts in bulk using defined rules.
  • Preview changes before they go live.
  • Schedule automated deduplication to run at set intervals.

2. Improve Lead Routing & Load Balance with Bulk Assignments

Keeping a balanced approach to sales is important for teams of all sizes. It’s important that reps not be overloading, splitting their time between too many prospects or accounts.

You can manage rep workloads through Pipedrive, and make changes in bulk. Insycle augments these features by giving you the ability to aggregate and update bulk data buckets.

For example, Insycle, you could filter your data using a specific set of variables. Let’s say you wanted to create an “updateable report” which consisted of accounts and owners. This gives you a top-down view of your load balance among those owners (reps). Then you can drill down into each rep’s assignments and balance between the reps. This makes it easier for sales operations teams to spot load balancing issues and more quickly rectify them.

How Insycle’s Pipedrive Integration Can Help Sales Teams Be More Effective

Once you have proper balance in place, you can use Insycle to automate and streamline your lead routing processes for new leads. Using any criteria that you collect in your Pipedrive CRM database, you can use that data to set rules for lead assignment.

Insycle takes the hard work out of lead routing process creation and the ongoing load balancing that many sales operations teams spend many hours on each week.

3. Improve ABS By Associating Free Floating Contacts with Organizations

Any sales operations manager knows what a headache free-floating, unassociated Pipedrive contacts can be.

When you employ account-based sales strategies, it is critically important that you are able to engage with and track engagements with all of the relevant stakeholders at a particular organization. When you have stakeholders that are floating free in your Pipedrive database, unassociated with their company, that’s a problem because it might mean that your reps overlook them throughout the sales process.

Often, you might not even notice that a key stakeholder was disconnected from their organization in Pipedrive until the sales process has run its course, leaving you no way to evaluate how their exclusion might have impacted the process.

With Insycle, you can:

  • Easily identify all contacts that are not associated with an organization
  • Associate those contacts in bulk using any field (a popular one is email domain->company website domain).
  • Preview changes before they go live to check for errors and mistakes.
  • Schedule automated association processes on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

4. Import and Enrich Data Without Fear

Insycle allows you to avoid the typical process of exporting your data, running VLOOKUP in Excel, and re-importing the data back into your system.

Through Insycle you can work directly on your data with no importing or exporting required. When you do have new data to import, Insycle allows you to import data into Pipedrive via .CSV files, but gives you the opportunity to analyze, cleanse, and deduplicate records before import. You also won’t have to worry about meddling with people, organization, or deal IDs when you import, since Insycle allows you to match using any existing field. That means that you’ll never have to worry about importing low-quality data or creating duplicate records in the process again.

You always have the option to preview the import and make sure there are no unintended errors before it goes live.

5. Monitor Your Pipedrive Data Health on an Ongoing Basis

As soon as you sign up, Insycle begins auditing your existing customer data to build your Health Assessment. The Health Assessment deep-dives into your data, identifying more than 30 common customer data errors in your Pipedrive database.

These errors include things like:

  • Records with missing information
  • Poorly formatted and standardized records
  • Invalid data (names with symbols, zip codes with letters, etc.)
  • Duplicate data (found using many field combinations)
How Insycle’s Pipedrive Integration Can Help Sales Teams Be More Effective-2


Not only that — Insycle’s Health Assessment keeps a running record of your existing data issues. Using it, you can keep an eye on your overall data health over time and identify specific issues that present bigger problems for your sales operations team.

Companies can use Insycle’s suite of tools to build their own custom templates to identify and fix data issues that are unique to your organization and track them using the Health Assessment.

The Health Assessment also provides some metrics and graphs that allow you to visualize the issues and overall health of your data over time.


The Health Assessment will analyze your company data daily, generating a new, updated report.

This lets you see trends. Are you finding that leads are being added into your CRM with missing information more regularly than they should? Are imports from a certain tool leading to a lot of invalid data in your system that harms your segmentation and automation?

Insycle not only lets you roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty fixing the issues in your Pipedrive database, but it also delivers a top-down view of the overall health of your data as a whole. Being able to identify trends allows you to zero in on the source of low-quality data and install processes to keep it from happening in the future. For sales operations teams, this makes reporting on your sales data quality easy.

6. Grow Sales With Improved Deal Tracking and Optimization

When you have more faith in your customer data, you’ll be able to make data-backed decisions for your sales organization with confidence.

With clean data, you’ll be able to more accurately assess your current sales operations and more accurately forecast the future as well.

With Insycle, filtering and analyzing all of your Pipedrive data is easier. You can filter and analyze any record type (including contacts, organizations, and deals), using any field.

This enables sales operations teams to dig deeper and discover more. You’ll be more likely to find and correct process mistakes and inefficiencies. You’ll be able to more accurately track and assess processes and strategies and analyze their effectiveness — down to a by-rep view.

Insycle makes it easier for sales teams to do their job, and for their managers to evaluate them.

Try Insycle Today

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After filling out the form, you’ll be directed to the login page where you can connect Pipedrive and Insycle.

With Insycle, your sales team will be able to maintain a single customer view, approach prospects with more context for their sales conversations, and spend less time dealing with mundane data tasks.

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