November 23, 2022

Top 7 Salesforce Excel Connector Apps

Salesforce offers a powerful modern interface for managing data, but many companies prefer using Microsoft Excel for bulk updates and general data maintenance. Excel’s functions, advanced features, and familiarity sometimes make it an easy choice.

But this approach is not without problems. The constant process of filtering data, exporting segments, identifying issues, performing updates, and[…]

November 08, 2022

CRM Data Quality Checklist: Top 15 Issues

Keeping your customer data clean is essential.

Reliable, error-free data is a cornerstone of growth for any company. Your data impacts customers at every point in the customer journey. It affects the marketing materials they receive, how tailored their sales conversations are, their post-sale support experience, and much more.

Internally, low-quality data impedes essential business processes,[…]

October 31, 2022

HubSpot Data Quality: Why Dirty CRM Data Hurts Your Marketing

In a world where data drives our marketing, sales, and customer success initiatives, bad data is an increasing problem for companies of all sizes.

At this very moment, your company is missing out on revenue due to bad data in your HubSpot databases. That’s right. Bad data is a fact of life for any company that collects and uses even moderate amounts of customer data.

A data entry error might[…]

October 26, 2022

Case Study: Instant Deal Deduplication for a Call Center Sales Team

An Insycle customer operated a call center where sales reps and integrated calling systems both created and updated CRM records.

Customers could call at any moment about very recent activity. So this company, whom we will call Ericson, needed data to be reliable for customer-facing sales conversations very quickly after it entered the HubSpot CRM database. Relying on manual deduplication for[…]

October 20, 2022

How To Add Associations in HubSpot Workflows

Any HubSpot company that relies on clean, consistent associations eventually looks for a solution to automate that process. But HubSpot’s automatic association features always leave edge cases that need to be cleaned up manually. 

As they search, they'll start to wonder whether they can associate automatically in Workflows. The answer will be disappointing.

A “Professional” subscription across[…]

October 05, 2022

Case Study: Custom Child-to-Parent Company Association Logic


An Insycle customer, whom we will call Anderson for privacy purposes, operated in the education industry and had recently imported a list of 30,000 schools they needed to clean, deduplicate, and associate. Because these schools belonged to districts, the company wanted to ensure proper parent-child relationships between the schools and the districts they belonged to.

However, determining which[…]

September 21, 2022

A Guide to Salesforce Forms for Data Management

Salesforce Forms are a critical component of data management in Salesforce. Users can create, edit, and update lead, account, and contact records through forms.

These forms can be customer-facing or internal forms used by employees to create and update records. Salesforce Web-to-Lead Forms can be integrated directly into your company website, like a contact form, ensuring that customer[…]

August 17, 2022

Salesforce Activities 101: Tasks and Events

Salesforce Activities are used to track the interactions that your team has with Salesforce accounts and the leads and contacts that are related to them. The Activities consist of tasks, events, and calendars. Events and calendars are tied together, so we will treat them as one singular feature for this article.

Tasks and events act like record types, each with their own fields that can be[…]

August 08, 2022

6 Critical Reasons to Normalize Data

Most businesses have some awareness of the importance of customer data cleanliness. Accurate data on your customers and prospects is critical for segmenting customers, injecting data into marketing automation systems, and generally providing a better experience for those who engage with your brand.

When you think of data cleanliness, you probably think about missing data, data with typos and[…]

August 05, 2022

How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Salesforce Multi-Select Picklists

Salesforce multi-select picklists are notoriously tricky to use effectively.

On the one hand, their benefits are understandably alluring. Like single-select picklists, multi-select picklists provide standardization. They allow you to offer standard options instead of relying on a customer or employee to enter data into a text field.

Multi-select fields are ideal for specific types of situations.[…]

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