August 04, 2021

5 Ways to Prepare For iOS 15 Email Open Tracking & Data Privacy Changes

With the announcement of the iOS 15 update for mobile devices, Apple debuted several new privacy features. These features have been a part of a months-long rollout of a new privacy policy update, as Apple positions itself at the forefront of consumer privacy moving forward.

Chief among these for email marketers are the “Mail Privacy Protection” and “Hide My Email.” features.  

According to Apple[…]

April 07, 2021

23 Actionable Email Deliverability Tips

Email is one of the most reliable marketing channels. Unlike search and social—which can both giveth and taketh away when algorithms change—email marketing lets you build an audience that you can communicate with directly.   

But even email can create hurdles for marketers. If you do the wrong thing—like sending too many emails to inactive subscribers or sending emails to invalid addresses—it[…]

June 04, 2020

Declutter Your CRM By Purging Low-Quality Data Automatically

Purging data on a regular basis plays a critical role in CRM database maintenance.

Allowing low-quality and problematic data to remain in your database causes many problems. It can balloon your CRM costs in plans that are based on the number of contacts. Low-quality contacts lower email open rates and harm your sender reputation. Clutter makes it difficult for all teams that rely on customer[…]

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