January 29, 2021

A Guide to Apex Triggers in Salesforce


As companies begin to expand the number of ways in which they use Salesforce within their organization, they look for more in-depth and automated ways to take care of specific tasks in the system. And ever-expanding reliance on Salesforce means that manual tasks can become a huge slow down across your organization.

Apex triggers within Salesforce are designed to help you automate certain[…]

January 29, 2021

Hidden Duplicates: 11 Advanced Ways to Identify & Deduplicate Customer Data

If you are responsible for managing customer data, it is almost certain that you have dealt with the headaches that duplicate data creates. Whether that duplicate data ended up in your system as the result of customers filling out forms, your team entering the data manually, or imports from outside platforms — the consequences of that duplicate data are the same, and quite costly.

In fact, the[…]

January 28, 2021

A Guide to Salesforce Record Types vs Page Layouts

Do you want to customize the object pages that your users see in Salesforce? Are you confused about how to go about it? Maybe you aren’t sure whether you should use page layouts or record types—particularly if you need to include multiple data types on the page.

Often, users will find that Salesforce has two similar features or functions. It can be challenging to discern the differences between[…]

January 27, 2021

How to Create a Salesforce API Usage Report and Manage your API Calls

There is nothing more aggravating than hitting your Salesforce API usage limit.

Your company grinds to a halt. Apps stop talking to each other. Data is blocked from being added to your CRM. Maybe certain pieces of your sales software stack stop working altogether.

Then you’re forced to buy more and increase your API limit, just to keep the wheels turning. Or sit around and wait for the 24-hour[…]

January 24, 2021

How to Merge Salesforce Accounts Flexibly and Automatically

Duplicate accounts in Salesforce can be a serious problem for account-based sales and marketing teams.

Duplicate accounts break your single customer view and can cause confusion among your teams. The contacts and stakeholders for that organization may be split up between both accounts. The same is true for any important account notes that are left by your teams, which means that in the future[…]

January 15, 2021

5 Common HubSpot Data Quality Issues and How to Fix Them

Want to audit your HubSpot data and find all of your data issues in minutes, For free? Insycle's free CRM Data Grader App connects directly to your HubSpot database and uncovers issues like duplicate data, incomplete data, poorly formatted data, and low-quality data. Click Here to Learn More


If the average company dug into their Hubspot database, most would[…]

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